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August 15 2011

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August 10 2011

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I just got back from Szczyrk! It's magic town in Poland. So if you live in Poland or you're about visiting this country,go and see this town. I love it! (This view from Skrzyczne, a mountain near Szczyrk)

July 30 2011

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July 29 2011

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This song is so beautiful. It makes me feel a bit sad. Let me know what do u think about this cover and covers in general? Could sometimes cover be better than original song? 
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July 26 2011

Nov 8

30 Seconds To Mars SHOW

21:00 Atlas Arena,Łódź Add this event to a calendar application
I'm so excited! I had a feeling that there's goin' to be a show in Poland in this year. Polish echelon will make this night unforgettable for the band!
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July 19 2011

It's just the beginning
— Alexander the Great
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